Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath is an expansion to Tiberium Wars where we see a defeated Kane hellbent on rebuilding a stronger NOD empire. The central plot revolves around Kane gaining the allegiance of the other factions in order to exact his revenge on the GDI.

Not much has changed from Tiberium Wars’ gameplay, granted this is an expansion pack and not a full blown sequel. It has the same graphics engine as the last game, but only one playable campaign. Kane’s Wrath assumes you are a Command & Conquer veteran and has a much sharper difficulty curve. Admittedly, this created a barrier of entry for me as a novice RTS player. That’s not to say I will knock it for being more challenging, but Kane’s Wrath isn’t going to fare kindly to rookies.

Kane’s Wrath focuses solely on the NOD and requires players to become fimiliar with the play-style and its units. The reason why I spent the majority of my time playing as GDI was because it was much more accessible with a clear cut selection of units, making the “Rock-Paper-Scissors” dynamic between units a lot more apparent. Since the NOD was always on the¬†receiving¬†end of my attacks, it started making sense why it was a more awkward fit as I kept playing. NOD is a much more aggressive faction compared to the GDI and feels more¬†improvisational. I found most of my success in using as many rocket crews as possible instead of having a variety of units at my disposal. Units that had similar characteristics on the surface actually were useful in different areas. An example where I ran into this was with the air units. GDI aircraft were effective against vehicles, but the NOD were anti-infantry focused. It’s not an impossible feat going into this with high knowledge of the GDI arsenal, but you are going to have to reeducate yourself.

If you were absolutely crazy about the narrative in Tiberium Wars and want to find out what happens to Kane, then this is for you. The target audience was definitely for C&C fans and not newcomers, such as myself. As an expansion pack, not much has changed and it offers more of the same. Don’t expect a world of difference, but be prepared to adjust your skills with a little more haste due to it’s steeper learning curve and change of play.

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